Lesson Plan

What to expect from your first Karate lessons

Your first Karate lesson and the following few weeks will be focused on improving your fitness and preparing your body for Karate.

You will perform exercises that will bring about increases in cardiovascular fitness, improvements in flexibility and mobility, and increases in muscular strength and endurance.

You will also learn some basic Karate techniques focused towards your first belt grading.

A karate lesson is usually structured in the following manner:

  1. 10-15min warm up and stretching exercises.
  2. 30-40 min of basic karate technique
  3. 10-15 min of ‘pad work’/ sparring/ partner drills
  4. 15 min fitness
  5. 5 min cool down and stretch

You should take it all at your own pace and remember that some people will learn or improve in fitness, flexibility or strength faster than others.

Karate (and all other types of training) should be about improving from where you are at right now, not comparing with other people in the class.

What should I wear to my first karate lesson?

You should wear whatever allows you to move freely without any restriction of movement, e.g.  tracksuit, shorts, t shirt etc.

After a few sessions you will need to get a karate ‘gi’ (uniform), which can be purchased at the club from the instructor.

You will be provided with an information pack at your first lesson.


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